Monday, September 8, 2008

Dragon Scales

I have a dear friend, S., who loves complete sets. She does not see the sense in wearing a necklace if she does not have the matching earrings. When she buys a painting, she likes to buy the artist's studies too. Similarly, when I gifted her with a pair of these done in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, in the "pansy" colorway, she quickly purchased a bag of matching yarn and asked, very sweetly, for a matching scarf.

I would never refuse her anything so....

I cast on 51 stitches instead of 48. This gives a border of three stitches in stockinette on each side. The three pattern repeats used in the mitts provide a perfect width for the scarf. I am using seven balls of the aforementioned yarn. This should make the scarf at least 72" long. Very important since S. is elegantly tall.
I was somewhat worried that somewhere along the way I might get a little bored. To counter this, I treated myself to those lovely rosewood needles found at String of Purls. Okay, so it was an excuse to splurge on gorgeous needles....
I love the new point protecters too. I am allergic to latex and rubber so I was very happy to find them made of silicone, from Clover.

Isn't my model sweet?

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